Yo! I go by the name Aina and I tell people I’m 4 years young—


I can’t do this.

I’m so sorry to say this but I don’t think I should be introducing myself at all.

“Why?”. You might have thrown that mind boggling question to the universe once again.

If you must know the reason, then here it is.

My grandmother came up to me the other day while I was watching the series Friends for the nth time. She suddenly blurted out, “Aina, stop binge-watching series all day and lend me your ears this instant! Do you realize that when you actually start talking and introducing yourself to people, all of a sudden there’s a pin drop silence in the room and people get to know how awesome you are? You shouldn’t be doing that.”.

So I threw a question at her, “How is that possible? It’s not like, the moment I open my mouth and start speaking, people get to know how I finally took a huge leap to actually start blogging about how much I love skincare, food, and fashion.” .

To that she replied, “Well, they won’t know that but eventually you will start dressing up and pulling it off, for that matter, these weird and quirky outfits. Sooner or later when they ask you as to who and/or what your style inspiration is and where you got them, you will have to mention to them about where you bought them as you try your best to learn more and support ethical fashion. No, you shouldn’t be sharing all that to anyone, Aina. Another thing is you shouldn’t tell anyone how much you love food, eating everything you can, while still trying your best to stay healthy and active as you have first learned how to swim when you were in kindergarten. Also, I forbid you to tell anyone how having psoriasis is not hindering you from showing your skin and even having the guts to talk about skincare. You just have to stop all these wonderful madness, Aina.”. Right there I realized she was right, so that’s when I decided I will never introduce myself ever again.

P.S. I hope you had fun reading my little not-so-introduction introduction and don’t hesitate to say hi as I am shy. By the way, I got this way of introducing myself from Manasvi Bhat, but all the things mentioned about me are legit! Watch out for my next posts as I have some shiny content in store for you~